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Sunday - August 29, 2005

I really thought that I would have my next journal entry up before 6 months past - but that is how long since I last did one. It has been busy here; never really slowed down. I was so busy that I couldn't find time to do stuff I really wanted or needed to do. I haven't seen my sewing machine for over a year and I have so much fabric stashed around the house. I have oodles of projects and ideas that I want to do with all the fabric, too.

Our second grandbaby was born on July 6, 2005 and Grandpa & Grandma (me) were there when she arrived. We were able to hold her when she was not much more then 4 hours old. The most beautiful little baby girl I have seen, but I am a little prejudice. And Gabriel (her brother) is just so happy she is his sister. He helps his Mommy take care of her when he isn't playing with Dad. Naomi Samantha was born at 8:28 AM on July 6. She weighed 8 lbs & 10 ozs and was 20 inches "tall." She has blue eyes and brown hair - just like her brother. :O) She was 1 oz heavier and 2 inches shorter then Gabriel was when he was born. Gabriel really likes to show off his sister to people.

Ray wasn't able to stay the first night with Beth and Naomi in the hospital as they had planned. The day care center called and Ray had to go pick up Gabriel as he was sick. So Beth asked if I would stay with her so someone was there in case she needed some help. Of course I jumped and landed on cloud 9 and said yes. We arrived on Tuesday, the day before Naomi was born and was able to have dinner with Gabriel and Beth and that was all we saw of our grandson since he was sick and we didn't want to take what he had into the hospital to Naomi. We left for home on Friday and that was so very hard, but knowing that we would be coming back on the 21st helped me a lot.

The NMOL Reunion was held at the Naval Service Training Command at Great Lakes, IL and I was one of the planners. The reunion started on the 22nd and ended on the 25th. Our plans were to share the week between the reunion and our "kids." While there we also celebrated Beth's 28th birthday the evening of the 25th and left for home the next day. This was the first NMOL Reunion that I have been able to attend and I have so many wonderful memories of meeting my friends that I consider part of our family - you know like sisters. We laughed so much my sides ached for hours at a time. I don't think the Lonestar restaurant will ever forget the Navy Moms that had dinner there. The bar manager was super nice to us and he said he would never forget us. Norm had to drive our car back to the Navy Lodge as I was feeling no pain when we left. We had Cyndi, JoAnn, Joannie, and Kathy in our car (back seat) with us and we laughed all the way to the restaurant and back to the lodge. JoAnn is small so she sort of sat on (sort of) the console between the front seats and the edge of the back seat. Joannie didn't have any where to put her arm so she was trying to rest it on the back of the seat when she accidentally slap Kathy on the side of her head or was it Cyndi. Once the 2005 Reunion writeup is added to the web site for NMOL I will put a link to it so you can all read about what we did.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when we got home after Naomi was born we traded my Ford Taurus off for a Ford Escape (SUV). At first we weren't going to take it to Chicago but then we changed our minds. I love my "new" car!!

Last week Beth called to let me know that their transfers to Everett, Washington had been changed. They will be leaving the end of this year for Japan. Beth has been assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk and Ray has shore duty. This Grandma doesn't like to fly - only been in a plane once. That last step is a doozy! But so I can see Gabriel and Naomi I will learn to love flying. A friend gave me this mantra to repeat when I wake up every day - I can fly. I can fly. I can fly. Another friend told me to practice by jumping off hay bales piled to the barn roof and then from the top of a water tower!! No thanks - my ankle won't handle that. LOL

Here is a photo of Naomi in her Grandma's arms. She was letting me know her diapers were wet. I just couldn't and still can't get enough of holding her.

It is time that I finish this entry and get some work done. Talk to you all soon.

I can fly. I can fly. I can fly. :O\