Saturday - August 24, 2002

     Yeppers!  The dust bunnies were BIG--they were tripping Moca.  So I figured that I had better clean my office.  And I thought I would change the computer around on the table.  I was doing great; I had the dusting done, the computer moved around, and had just finished vacuuming the floor when I noticed that I hadn't hooked the LaserJet printer up to the computer.  Then it dawned on me--the printer cable wasn't long enough to reach where I put the CPU and then I also remembered that where I put it there would be no way that I could change from the LaserJet to the DeskJet; so...  You guessed it, I changed the computer back to the way it was but minus the dust bunnies, of course.  The office looks great and my desktop can be seen again so I am happier now, too.  But Moca is unhappy--he can't find his friends the dust bunnies to play with.  :O)
     I have some great news to share with you but I can't give you all the details until after it happens.  Beth is transferring to the Great Lakes Training Center and will be teaching.  I can't tell you when except she told me that I can tell you that she has to be in Chicago in November.  The GREAT news about this isn't the transfer BUT she is going to be coming home on leave, too!!!!  We can't wait and if I have to sit on these pins and needles any longer then I already have I am going to need to sit on a pillow for a year after she gets here.  I am so happy that she is going to be around 6 hours driving time from home and can come home on weekends if she wants or we can go visit her, too.  But the most important part to me is that she won't be on a ship on the ocean on the other side of our world.  I have prayed and will continue to pray for the safety of all our military personnel that are away from their homes and families fighting for our freedom.  I thank God everyday since Beth told us that she got her transfer.  He answered my prayers and for this I will forever be grateful to Him.  There are times that I feel very selfish but I do know that other Moms and Dads understand.
     Friends of ours got a new camper and this weekend they took it out for the madden voyage to make sure everything works.  Norm took his camper and joined Glen and Sharon for the weekend.  They didn't go very far and they will enjoy the weekend as the weather has decided to be nice for them.  Up until the weekend we had storms go through the state the previous couple nights.  And when I say storms I mean BRIGHT ones.  In fact, Thursday night's lightening was the brightest white light that I think I have ever seen during a storm.  If I heard correctly on the News we are now back to having normal moisture for the year.  It rained buckets both nights.
     Beth called last night and again tonight and we talked for quite awhile.  Good thing she has free long distance any where in the United States on her cell phone.  :O)  She called her Grandma between calls to me and Mom called her Ruth Ann which was funny since Mom sometimes calls me Ruth Marian.  And she does remember Beth is in the Navy and wants her to wear her dress uniform when she comes to visit her when home on leave.  Mom, I love you!
     Well, I think I best get my body to bed and get some rest.  Beth--I love you bunches!  Tootles!