Monday - August 5, 2002

     Oh no came on Friday evening when I turned my computer on and the monitor snapped several times and began to flash.  I was sick, it just couldn't be happening now--not when Norm's AC in the truck had to be fixed.  But reality set in and I called Staples and found out what a new monitor was going to cost.
     Oh my was when Norm came home from riding his bike around town.  I had already figured out how I was going to tell him about the demise of the monitor.  I asked him, "Do you remember the Sears' commercial where the wife tells her hubby that the washing machine was broke and the hubby asks how and the wife said sledge hammer."  I said, "Honest, I didn't use a sledge hammer on the monitor.  Really, I am telling the truth--I didn't use a sledge hammer on it."  Then I explained to him what had happened.  I guess we were starting to "push" the monitor life as it is/was 6-1/2 years old.  The last time I did an upgrade we did just the CPU and not the monitor.
     Since I had to buy a new monitor I had decided I was going to get what I wanted as it was going to be around for awhile.  I have wanted a 19" for a long time but recently I also decided I would also like a flat screen.  I wasn't going to spend the money they want for a LCD monitor--I could almost buy a whole NEW computer for that much!  Norm worked Saturday (overtime) so I met him at Staples after he got off and we got the monitor.  We did some other shopping and then went out to eat before coming home.
     It didn't take me long to get the old monitor out of the way and the new one hooked up.  I have been working on the computer since Saturday and I didn't realize just how dark my old monitor was showing things.  YES!  I can see now--let there be light!!  I think I have known for several months now that the monitor was maybe on it's last "pedestal;" as there were other things that I was noticing was happening or showing up.
     Both Norm and I knew that his AC would have to take a "backseat" to the purchase of a new monitor.  I have to have a working computer to be able to work--everything I do in my business is done on the computer.  So Norm will go several more weeks before getting the truck's AC fixed.  I do feel bad about this as this has been one HOT summer so far.
     Last month my Mom was moved into the Alzheimer Unit in the nursing home she is living in.  Things are a bit easier for her now as she can sleep as late as she wants instead of being woke up, dressed, and sent to breakfast early in the morning.  She had been going into the unit during the day but sleeping in her room in the general "population" area.  Now she is in the unit 24 hrs. a day.  The last several times I have called and talked to her she sounds more like herself instead of being hesitant or not knowing who I am when we first start talking.  It is really interesting that when she isn't sure who I am or Norm's name she sure remembers both Chris and Beth (our "kids").  But then it is sort of funny that when Beth calls her Mom sometimes doesn't know who Beth is.  That is how Alzheimer's is, I guess.  I love you, Mom.
     Must get out of here and get some work done.  Beth, love you bunches.