Thursday - July 25, 2002

     Today is Beth's Golden Birthday!  For those that don't know what that is--your birthday (Beth's is 25th) and how old you are (Beth is 25) become the same number that is your Golden Birthday.  Now when I found out about golden birthdays I had already past mine--3rd!!  And since Beth is in Bremerton, WA right now we can't have an all-out bash for her; so I thought I would do the next best thing--broadcast it over the internet.  :O)  I would just about give anything to have her home with us so I could hug her.  Norm and I haven't seen her a year ago earlier this month when she was home on leave before leaving on WESTPAC.

This is Beth & PJ (our dog)--she is trying to get him to speak for his treat she is holding.  Usually he wouldn't do it for her--he would just jump up and take it out of your fingers.  I believe she is still in grade school when this photo was taken.  PJ was "older" then Beth by 10 months.  :O)  They grew up together.

This photo of Beth in dress uniform was taken for WESTPAC 2001.
Isn't she beautiful!

     Happy Birthday, Tigger!  We love you bunches and miss you lots.  Thank you for being my daughter and very best friend.  :O)
     More next time--I am going to take the day and remember the first 25 years of Beth's life.  And also letting Moca outside, too.  I do think we have him house broke.  Hurray!!!!
     Love you Mom!  Tootles!