MJC's Journal

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Sunday - July 6, 2003
It has been another month plus before I got back here. Sorry about that, but it has been a mad house here. Norm has been working overtime and I do mean overtime - 12 hour days and that is 7 days a week. And I have been busy with work, too. Plus Norm had that outpatient surgery I mentioned in the last entry and came out of it fine. Then when I thought things were starting to slow down on the "On The Road Again" front I get this phone call telling me that Chris had fallen and I needed to come get him and maybe take him to the ER.

When I got over to where he was (here in town) Chris told me that he thought his wrist was broken. The First Responders came and check him but they couldn't put an air splint on because Chris couldn't straighten out his fingers so they gave him a cold gel pack to put on his wrist. When they were working with Chris I called Norm at work and told him to meet us at the hospital ER and what had happened. Neither one of us even thought past that point until we had been there for over an hour. The hospital here couldn't do anything with the break so he had to go to Iowa City to the University of Iowa Hospital ER that night right then. That meant we would be taking him down there. We are 2 hours from Iowa City and have had dealings with them several times so I sort of knew what to expect. They did some temp. work on his wrist and put a cast on it and told us they would call later in the day (this was at 2:00 AM, Friday, June 13) to schedule surgery on his shattered wrist. Chris was so hungry since he hadn't eaten since noon on Thursday and thirsty to boot - we stopped so he could eat something before leaving Iowa City to come home. We got home shortly after 5:00 AM Friday morning and it was 6:00 by the time I finally got to get into bed. That is something that I don't ever plan to do again. Since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in December 1996 I haven't stayed up through the night like that and the way I felt for days afterwards I won't do it again!

We heard from the doctor later in the morning setting the surgery for Monday at 12:45 (noon) and we had to have him down there by 10:45 AM. Now that means we had to be on the road (again) by 8:00 AM. For those of you that know me you know I don't do mornings!! I was up at 6:00 AM that morning and we left here by 7:45 AM. Poor Moca - he spent from that time until 9:30 PM in his kennel. I think that is the longest he has ever had to be in that thing while we have been gone. The bedding was dry as toast - no wet spots or messes to clean up - good dog!

The surgery was scheduled for two and a half hours but it turned into a five hour surgery! The surgeon came out to tell us how things went, but what he told us was not all great. He said that it was the worst shattered wrist that he has ever seen and it was possible that Chris had lost about 50% use of his right wrist. That was what hit me like a ball bat. You see, in 1988 Chris lost down to his second knuckles on all four fingers of the other hand (left) when it slipped into the jointed blade in Woods Class in High School and the tips were so messed up and no bones left at the tips that they amputated down to just above the second knuckle which means he lost 50% use of that hand.

Since this surgery took so long and it was so late they wanted to keep Chris over night for pain control and Chris wasn't having it. But when I heard that the doctor really would like it I told Chris that the Doc won and that I would be back in the morning to get him. After getting him settled in his room for the night we left for home - getting here at 9:30 like I said earlier in this entry. The next morning I had trouble with my leg going into a cramp and I couldn't get it to relax enough to not cramp again. So I caught Norm at the grocery store in town (he stops for a cup of tea in the deli every morning) and told him what was happening and he would have to go get Chris. Our neighbor, Marv, went with him (he was going to originally ride along with me) and they got home in the afternoon. They made sure that they were able to stop off at the exit for the Amana Colonies and ate there at what is called Little Amana. The food is delicious!

Chris and I will be back "On The Road Again" tomorrow morning when he has to be back for his first checkup. But the time he was supposed to be there was 9:15 AM - I was able to get it changed to 1:30 PM. He was scheduled to be seen at 9:15 AM!! That means we would have had to be on the road no later then 6:30 at the latest because of rush hour traffic and all. I would have to be up at 4:30 AM!!! No way!!! The 1:30 PM time is much better, thank you. :O)

Last Tuesday was sort of relaxing - at least a couple hours were. I had a perm and hair cut and now I should be free of bad hair days for at least a month or longer. :O) My hair was so long (for me) before the perm and trim and very little curl left in it that I would wake up in the mornings and it was sticking up in all different directions. Hey, one morning Moca looked at me and just shook his head and looked again. Oh my, this too shall pass! And it did.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July this year. We did here. Leisurely day and then Norm and Chris went into town to watch the fireworks and I stayed home and worked on the computer. But it was relaxing for me - just about anytime I am on this computer it relaxes me. There are a very few though that can really load the stress on me so I tend to stay away from those as much as possible. Then there are times when Moca comes in - like he just did - and insists that I say Hi to all of you for him. Dogs! :O)

It has been a long day and my eyes are crossing because of so much work on the computer this week trying to get several jobs done that I think I am going to go to bed so I can be fresh for tomorrow's long day "On the Road Again." Keep your fingers crossed that this thing that we have with hospitals goes away until Beth has the baby in late September. By the way, she was home over Father's Day weekend and she is looking really great! She is starting to look very pregnant now. She is not liking the heat - and summer hasn't arrived in Chicago yet! I do feel for her. She bought cribs - yes I said plural on cribs. She will have one at her home and we will have one here for when they come to visit. We just have to get mattresses for both of them. I found some more baby things to add to my stash of "stuff" I have bought so far. I just need to get the second baby bunting done so I can get both hoods added to them and sew the zipper in both and they will be done. I have no idea when I am going to get any sewing done with all the material I have bought to make baby stuff out of - there isn't enough time for this and working my business. I hope to have good news by mid July about a new web client, too. I will tell you more about that after it happens. Well, I am off of here and to bed - write soon - I promise.

I love you, Mom! Love you bunches, Beth! Scratch Zulu behind the ears for Moca, Beth. :O)