Tuesday - June 18, 2002

     Yep, 36 years ago tonight at 8:00 pm Norm and I were married.  A lot has happened to us some good and some bad but we have survived it all.  The 2 most wonderful happenings in the past 36 years came about on December 24, 1969 and July 25, 1977; our son, Chris, and daughter, Beth were born.
     Today Norm came home from work and put a card on the desk in front of me.  After I had read it I told him that he needed to get a bath taken as we were going out to supper.  I turned and listened to the TV and heard Norm come back in the office and just stand behind me.  After a bit I turned to see what he wanted and there was a vase FULL of sweetheart roses of several different colors.  They are so beautiful--the rose is my favor flower.  The evening has been great.  I love you, Norm.
     Well, MoKaJo has made it inside the house.  Do I hear you asking who is that?  I am not sure if I mentioned Chris getting a puppy several weeks ago to you or not.  When he brought him home the first time, MoKa was 6 weeks old.  I told Chris that I thought pups were suppose to be weaned at 8 weeks.  Anyway, the next week MoKa came to live with Chris permanently.  You should see the dog house that Chris got MoKa--I really don't think that another pup has it so good.  Chris bought a pickup camper and that is where Moka sleeps at night.  Norm kept saying, "No critters!"  But Moka stayed.  During the day he would go with Chris to work and when they weren't working and were here at home Moka would be chained outside in the front yard.  That is, until the other day.  We discovered the dog food that Chris had bought wasn't giving Moka the nutrients he was needing so I told Chris what to get and when he brought a couple bags home on Sunday Moka went nuts.  He ate so much that soon after he "tossed" some back up.  Since Sunday Moka has been calmer so I think we found out what was wrong.  Monday Chris took him to the vet and brought him back here at noon and I told him to just leave him here--he had his first distemper shot and I didn't think he should be out with Chris for the day.  He lazed around the yard the rest of the day and when it started to get dark he started in barking for us to come outside.  I brought him in and watched him so I could catch him when he needed to go out to start house breaking/training him.  I told Chris that as long as I would be home he could go ahead and leave Moka chained outside when he heads out to work.  Right now Moka is in the house again and I haven't heard anything for a bit so I best go find him.  Be right back.  :O)  You are never going to believe this!  Norm was eating carmel flavored rice cakes and Moka was watching him.  I told Norm that wasn't fair to Moka to have to watch someone eating.  Norm then gave Moka a small piece of rice cake.  I put Moka up in the chair with Norm and told him to sit and he did on the arm of the chair.  Norm gave him a few more pieces.  I wished I would have thought to get my camera.  I knew Norm would "come over" to my side.  :O)  But Moka will go out and sleep in "his" camper at night.  I am just wondering what is going to happen when Beth and Zulu come home this fall.  Oh, maybe you don't know who Zulu is--that is the name of Beth's CAT.  This should be very interesting.  Oh my, this too shall pass!!
     It is time for me to get back to work.  It has been hectic here YET and I do apologize for not writing in my journal at least once a week.  See you soon--I hope.
     I love you, Mom!  Love you bunches, Beth!