MJC's Journal

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Tuesday - May 18, 2004

It has been a very busy time for us since my last journal entry. We were able to go visit Beth and Gabriel in Great Lakes, IL in March for several days and we had a riot. Norm took lots of photos of Gabriel and I was in the clouds just being able to hold my grandson. He is growing by leaps and bounds. In just the two months since we last saw him (January - March) he had changed so much. He remembered us because either Beth or I would call almost every day and we would talk to Gabriel. He was happy to see us and when we got ready to leave to come home he didn't want to go to Mom when she took him from me. I really didn't want to come home. This visit with him I noticed that he has an "attitude" and he also has his Mommy wrapped around his finger and I don't think she realizes it. The rest of the month was almost all Computer Majic work for me.

Then came April, oh my. I was super busy in April. Besides the daily chats with Gabriel, my Computer Majic work, I was also working on the Foto Swap Meet, and N4C Springbrook Camp-In. The Foto Swap Meet is our camera club's fund raiser for the year. Teresa (friend) and I co-chair the swap meet; she takes care of the advertising end and I organize the rest. And the N4C camp-in is a get-together of a bunch of other camera clubs members at a state park in Iowa. N4C stands for North Central Camera Club Council which covers 10 states and we have 49 members clubs. I organize the registration and plan the meals for the weekend. Our post office box was full more than not all month either with table reservations for the swap meet or registrations for the camp-in. It is a busy month for me but I am not complaining because I like doing it.

Now this month, May, has slowed down a bit for me but it has still been busy - so far. I have a new client that I will be designing their web sites so the next few weeks are going to be busy doing that. Once the work is done I will let you know so you can go see the pages.

Besides all of the above, in January I started taking a 20 week HTML course from Budding HTML Gurus. I am working on my final now. I am to design 4 pages without using a HTML Editor. In 1999, when I designed my personal web pages I used MicroSoft Publisher to do them. I didn't have to know any coding at all. Back then I didn't think I could learn HMTL but a little over a year ago a couple friends talked me into trying. They helped me by teaching me the basics to get me going and then when I wanted something specific they worked with me on that, too. I have been redoing some of my web pages and several web pages of clients in HTML. I like having more control over my work and being able to do more "things" that I couldn't do with MS Publisher. If anyone is interested in taking the Budding HTML Gurus 20 week course you will find the link below to their homepage. After I have completed my 4 web pages and "graduate" I plan to signup with another group for more training. I am really having fun doing web design work now - more then I did with MS Publisher.

I am looking forward to June getting here. Gabriel and Beth will be home with us to celebrate our anniversary - 38 years on June 18. A lot has happened to our family in those 38 years and we will be lucky enough to have the three most important ones with us this year to help celebrate. Those three most important "ones" are Chris, our son (the oldest); Beth, our daughter (the youngest); and Gabriel, our grandson born October 2, 2003. We had two wonderful children - 8 years apart! And they gave me all my grey hairs that I have so far. LOL But I was wanting those white hairs - I can't wait until all my hair is white. Beth keeps checking to make sure that they are still white and not getting "mousy" grey. :O)

I have babbled long enough and I have some work here to do before Norm gets home from work. He called just a couple minutes ago and we decided to go out to supper; so that means I need to get ready to go. Oh, before I forget. I have designed a web page that you need to go check out - it is Gabriel's Place. Oh, there is something else. Gabriel is crawling and has been since last month. It is funny - he army crawls and Mommy is in the Navy. LOL