Tuesday - May 14, 2002

     The past month has been a very busy month.  I can almost see daylight but not quite.  I would really like to know who keeps stealing hours from all my days.  Isn't there suppose to be 24 hours in a day?  I don't think there is in mine anymore.  Can any of you help me?
     Chris came home Sunday night with a puppy and Norm said no dog!  So Chris took the cute little critter and went back to town for the night.  When he came home on Monday late afternoon he was sick.  He wasn't sure if it was the flu or just a cold.  My fear is that he has what has been going around and Norm had and tried to doctor for a month and then went to the doctor.  Anyway, Chris got in bed last night right after supper and slept through until late this afternoon.  He is looking a bit better but he is still coughing and his chest sounds really congested.  Just so I don't get it--I was lucky Norm didn't "share" it with me.
     Beth has decided not to come home this summer but will come home when she transfers this fall.  That is all I can say now but when it happens I will be screaming it from the rafters!  We are so happy with the news of where she is going to be going.  Although now I will have to find another reason so we can go back out to the Bremerton, WA area on another big vacation.  I loved it out there.
     The weather in Iowa has been really weird.  The last couple weeks we have either turned the heat on at night or wished we had and not left the windows open!  They say another El Nino is making itself known again.  We have had rain in the last couple weeks to make up for all the moisture we lacked in the winter of some form.  We might get 1 day with sun and the rest have been rainy or cold or both.  It really doesn't feel like Spring or like May.  Maybe I am dreaming all this.  I think I will go to bed now and in the morning when I wake up maybe it will be the May weather we are use to.  :O)  About a month ago we had a day that was close to 90 and I turned the AC on for the day.  Well, that evening the AC broke!  Sunday Norm just got the new unit put in the hole in the wall so now I have a new AC to cool me off this summer.  When we moved in here in 1974 we decided to install the window AC unit in the wall on the south end of the house right in line with the hallway.  Works super that way.  Why not install central air you ask--we have baseboard electric heat so therefore no duct work in the house and no furnace either.
     I have several things here that I have to get done and out the door so best finish this and get to bed so I can start working in the morn when I get up--well, shortly after I get up, that is.
     I love you, Mom!  Love you bunches, Tigger!  Tootles!