Sunday - April 7, 2002

     Finally it is April and today we received April showers.  We need the moisture here like a lot of other places.
     What I meant by "my memory kicks in" is I have scanned the photos Chris took when he was out on his visit with Beth in Bremerton, WA.  Reminder:  Beth gave the trip to Chris as her gift to him for his birthday (Dec. 24) and Christmas last year.  He went out in February shortly after Beth got back from the Arabian Sea on the USS Carl Vinson.  For those of you who are new to my journal--Beth is our daughter who just happens to be in the US Navy!

     Anyway, you can see in the picture that both kids are about the same height.  Have you, as a parent, every had to scold-up?  What I mean by this is when you had to scold one of your kids did you either have to look up or get up on something to look them in the eye to do it!  LOL  I thought I was tall but both our kids are taller yet.  Now for those that do NOT like the reference to children as being kids, I am sorry but that is what I have called them since before they were born.
     You can see Seattle skyline behind them in the photo.  They had someone take the shot of them on the auto ferry they used to get to Seattle from Bremerton.  Besides being Chris's first time it was Beth's too, I think.  She took Chris over so he could go up the Space Needle.  They weren't sure how to get to it from the ferry but they figured all they had to do was keep it in their

sites.  They still almost missed it.  :o)  Just how that could happen I am not sure.  But they did find it and made it to the top.  Chris didn't take his 35mm camera with him so they bought a couple "throw away" cameras and he took this photo looking out over Seattle & Puget Sound.  When Norm and I were out there in May '99 we didn't make it to the Space Needle.  That alone should be enough of a reason to go back out there, right.  Hope that works for Norm.  :o)

     Chris found out that he likes to fly and wouldn't mind going back out there again.  Beth told him that he could fly back out to Washington when she is ready to leave and he could drive back to Iowa with her and see the country while on the ground.  :o)  Beth put in for a transfer right after they left on WESTPAC last July and found out while in the Arabian Sea that it came through.  But the only problem is they (Navy) is out of funds so she has to wait until October before transferring.  Now the funds they are out of are those that are needed to pay for moving her furniture for her and travel allotment--I think I have that correct.  And that might just give Chris enough time to see if he can make enough money to buy his own plane ticket to get out there and then ride home with his sister.
     The photo below is of Beth's kitty, Zulu.  That is her sitting in the chair in her apartment she shares with Zulu or is it Zulu shares with Beth--I am not quite sure which way it is.

     Well, it is time for me to finish this and get some work done that is on my desk OR maybe chat with some friends on AIM for a little bit.  I think the latter is going to win.  :o)
     Hope you like the music I have on the site this time; I thought it fit since it is April, you know.  :o)
     Love you, Mom!  Love you bunches, Tigger!  Tootles!