MJC's Journal

Thursday - March 17, 2016

Long time no see! I looked back and it seems that I am doing one journal entry a year. Hopefully I can start doing better - maybe I can begin with one entry a month and work up to more entries each month. LOL

I have to get my act-together because we want to go visit Beth, Gabriel, and Naomi. Naomi spends her summers with Mom and the school year with her Dad in Michigan. And we do want to have as much time as we can with both the grandkids and our daughter - our sailor. That will be changing in 8 or 9 months. Beth's 20 Year Navy Career comes to an end and she will be retiring by the end of this year. I can't believe it has been that long, it has flown by. But during certain times of the 20 years it seemed like the time was crawling very slowly. She has been through quite a lot which has taken her around the world. She started in Chicago, IL for bootcamp; Norfolk, VA for schooling; Bremerton, WA assigned to USS Carl Vinson carrier which took her to the Persian Gulf for her first 6 mo. WESTPAC (cruise) twice - 1998-1999 and 2001-2002 (Awesome Photos web link below for what happened during the 2001-2002 cruise); she transferred back to Chicago to become an instructor at the Naval Training Center; in 2006 she was transferred to Japan to the USS Kitty Hawk carrier; she returned to Bremerton, WA a couple years later to the USS John C Stennis carrier; then came her last transfer which took her back to Norfolk, VA and the USS George HW Bush carrier. When she arrived on base she reported in from leave and two days later she was aboard a plane to Dubai so she could board her ship which as already on it's cruise. So you see she has been around the world at least once. I didn't say all at the same time. This Mom was a worry-wort every time she was on a cruise. But the 2001-2002 cruise was the worst one I went through. Please take the time (if you haven't done so before now) and go to the Awesome Photos web link below this journal entry and you will understand.

It has been a long year from the last entry for me, because Gabriel wasn't here with us. The house was so quiet and Moka kept looking around the house for Cali (Gabriel's cat) and even stuck his head into the hiding places to make sure she was in any of them. Christmas was really tough.

Well, I have a lot of work to get done here so I can start playing in my jewelry making stuff, card making stuff, sewing, and some quilting. I have enough stuff in all those categories I could open up a store!! But last week I spend a couple days in my office organizing my stuff in individual 18 gal. totes and half of the cabinet I have with office supplies and more. LOL I will let you know what all I get made and what I play to do with it all.

I think this summer will be a best time to drive to the East Coast for a visit - don't you. This too shall pass.