Saturday - March 16, 2002

     Norm is working all weekend again.  He has had 1 or has it been the last 2 weekends off.  The money is nice but a guy has to have some down time to ride his new bike!!  Since he has gotten the okay from the doctor to go ahead and ride his bike he is enjoying life again.  He told me tonight that he has lost 10 pounds (somewhere) and he is watching what he is eating, too.  He is getting his exercise which had been stopped in December so that is how he dropped the weight.  I am happy for him.
     I went to the doc on Friday for a regular checkup on my diabetes.  When we got done with the regular stuff Dr. O then asks me if I have had a full body scan yet--to check my bone density.  After we talked about this one a bit I get a card given to me to call the lab on Monday to schedule an appointment with them for the bone density scan and a mammogram, too.  It's that time again--the big squeeze!  But that wasn't all she (Dr. O) dropped on me.  After my ankle heels it is my turn to go for the stress test (threadmill).  I told her that I could tell her right then that I wouldn't pass it--I will flunk with flying colors.  I am not liking this one little bit folks.  As long as my previous doctor left my cholesterol unchecked (didn't even tell me what it was either!) and now with the diabetes I bet I am a prime canidate for blockages.  I have had no symptoms so maybe I will be surprised.  I hope so--I be a big chicken--feathers and all.
     When Dr. O was talking about the body scan she mentioned that since the new clinic is done and has the new equipment and the truck doesn't stop here anymore a light bulb came on in my head.  I told her, "Hold it, I don't do tubes!  I don't do tight places well at all!"  She told me I wouldn't be in a tube.  It just gets more interesting as time goes on.
     Beth called this evening and told me she is wearing an immobilizer on her knee (forgot to ask which one).  She said they told her she might have really done it this time.  So time will tell and she will let us know when she finds out and they tell her what they will have to do.  I just hope this doesn't slow down her transfer anymore than it (transfer) has been slowed down already.  She sounded good--been a couple days since we talked.  I can't wait until she is lots closer and she can get home for a weekend if she wants or if it is needed.  And we can even go visit her easier than it is now.
     Well, we have another "body" in our house now.  Chris moved back home last weekend.  You know I keep telling the kids there isn't any return rights  but it appears they didn't hear me.  :o)  Since that lady hit him last October he has had nothing but trouble with the vehicles he has been able to get so to conserve funds he moved home.  When I asked him how long he thought he would be staying he said he didn't know.  I said do you think it will be weeks or months--he said months!  I almost fainted!  Norm and I have been alone in our home for to many years now and we have our ways sort of set so this is going to be interesting.  Oh my, this too shall pass--soon please!
     I have been busy since the last entry.  I am the webmaster for NMOL and I have 1 or 2 more web sites to do yet and then I will be done for while.  But that isn't all that I have been doing--I have also done a bunch of work for several clients, too.  I haven't had time to clean the house.  The dust bunnies are so big they tripped me the other day when I was going down the hall to the living room.  This next week is going to have some long hours in front of this puter, too.  I am not complaining--I am loving it actually.  I just have to find the top of my desk soon--the bills are somewhere on the desk.
     Norm and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and to ask you to say an extra  Prayer for Peace on Easter morning.  Remember what Easter really means and share it with family and friends.
     I best get out of here as it is late and I need to get to bed.  Hope your St Patty's Day will be a nice day for you.  Be sure to wear something green or you risk getting pinched!!
     I love you, Mom.  Beth, love you bunches.
     Rose (Utah), if you have any more cold weather you really don't need to share it with Iowa.  We don't want it any more.  Tootles!