MJC's Journal

Page 118
Friday - February 25, 2005

I knew I had been busy but I didn't realize it had been nine months since my last journal entry. A lot has happened in our family during that time. I will try and bring you up to date on what has been going on here.

The last entry I wrote about our visits with Gabriel (our grandson) and how busy I was with Computer Majic and camera club events. The camera club events are annual events and are in the process of getting ready for the event dates. I tried giving the duties to someone else this year but either no one wanted to take it or they didn't want me to step down. But I have made my mind up that this year is the last year that I will take the Co-Chair spot - someone else needs to step in and "run" with it. I will do the design work on the postcards and flyers. And also do the printing since I do have the club's printer. But all the other duties someone else is going to have take over.

Gabriel, Beth, and Ray came home in June as planned to help celebrate our anniversary, but we also celebrated Beth and Ray getting married the day before our anniversary. Gabriel loves his new Daddy and Ray loves Gabriel - you can see it when the two are together. Gabriel will have a sibling join the family in July. Beth hasn't found out yet if we are going to have a grandson or granddaughter so I haven't been able to go shopping or do any sewing yet. :O)

Gabriel has really grown and his personality is sure there. LOL He was Christened in July but we weren't able to attend. Norm had some surgery done and couldn't travel just yet. Beth had it video taped so now we just have to watch it. We went to Chicago for Gabriel's first birthday on October 2 and stayed several days. Really didn't want to come home and Norm took a bunch of photos, as usual.

Then on November 4 Norm had surgery again - this was part 2 of the earlier surgery - the normal thing. So he was off work until December 16 and could have gone back to work but he had already put in for vacation for the holidays and it started on the 16th. I told him that this was becoming a habit - taking the last part of the year off. LOL He finally went back to work on January 3 (my birthday). I know that this is God's plan to get me ready for when Norm retires. He told someone at the grocery store one night that he was done and it was my turn to go the hospital - that this is my year! Excuse me, no way!!

We spent Christmas in Chicago - all our family was together. We had planned to have Gabriel, Beth, and Ray come home but in November she was put on bed rest for 3-4 weeks as she had started bleeding. All is better - she can go to work but just not lift over 15 lbs. That leaves out toting Gabriel around. She wanted be close to her doctor just in case so we went there. We had a nice Christmas and Beth did all the dinner prep - the food was delicious. We drove over on the 22nd and came home on the 27th. The weather cooperated with us so no driving in snow or on ice. Iowa really had been having great weather until January 1 - then we got hit! Chris (our son) was with us and it was his first trip to Chicago so he enjoyed the trip and stay, too. He stayed at Beth and Ray's and Norm and I stayed at the Navy Lodge again. We really like the lodge and our plans are to stay there when we go over in July when the baby is born. She is going to have a C-section so this Grandma plans to be there when the grandbaby is born. Arlene (friend) says that Beth is going to have a girl and we can take book on it. LOL I won't go into it here but I go along with Arlene's source. Arlene told me this before Beth told us she was pregnant. When Beth told me I remembered what Arlene had told me and passed it on to Beth. Beth is a bit skeptical when I explained where Arlene got the info.

Oh, remember how Norm shared his bronchitis last year with me - and kept sharing it. If I remember right the two of us had it for two months. Well, this year do to the shortage of flu shots I was the only one that was authorized in getting one so he wasn't protected like in the past years. You guessed it, he shared the flu with me this year. I am just getting over it and I have had it since a week ago Wednesday. At least this version was the one with a head cold, couch, sore all over, and a bad headache that wouldn't go away. We were able to eat and keep our meals down - that was good. But since the cold was in my head my sinuses did a number to me. The tubes between your nose and ears - they filled and then wouldn't drain so my balance was affected. I was back taking the "dizzy" pills that I had to take when I had the inner ear infection last year. I don't like this dizzy feeling - it is the kind that you get a queasy stomach feeling.

Well, it is late and I need to get to bed and this entry has grown longer than I thought it would be. I have made myself a promise to make the time to do regular journal entries this year.

Check back and see if I have gotten page 2 done at Gabriel's Place. I am having trouble deciding which photos to use. :O)

Talk to you all soon.