Wednesday - February 20, 2002

     Did I tell you that my middle name is Clutz--well, it should be.  Sunday we went to an auction in town, spent most of the day, and brought home a bunch of stuff.  Before we left I called Rich (Norm's brother) and asked if he wanted to go with us.  Before I could finish getting ready Rich was here.  When we got there we found out that it was a good thing that Rich came as he found a couple things he was interested in, too.  We knew what we wanted to get IF the price was right.  We got most of everything we wanted and Norm started to load the truck.  We bought a TV to replace the one that was on it's last "picture" and Norm picked up and started out the door.  I told him to hold on and I would help him load it.  The truck has a "lid" on the truck box and he wouldn't be able to open it since he was carrying the TV.  I turned and bend down to put my purse and what ever I had in my hands and when I came up I turned toward the truck and my left foot stepped on a good sized rock.  It happened in slow motion--down I went.  There wasn't anything to grab hold of, I couldn't grab the handle to the lid--it would break it--and what else is there at the backend of a truck--NOTHING.  Norm just looked at me; I can't remember what he said when I was falling.  All I remember during that time was thinking this was going to be bad and it was going to hurt big time.  I didn't feel anything when I hit the cement but I sure felt the funny feeling in my right knee when I was going down.  I can remember thinking that it moved a way I had never felt before.  Then there was my right foot--the one that I have been wearing a ankle wrap on for 2-3 weeks because of a torn tendon.  It was a good thing that I had that on because I think that is what saved it from being badly sprained.  A very nice couple came over and asked if I was okay and asked if they could do something and I said, "Sure, would you please open the lid for my husband, please."  Norm asked if I was okay--was I sure I was okay.  I sat/laid there and laughed.  I couldn't believe that it had happened.  I didn't have any scraped skin, no "bunged-up" hands or wrists, and my shoulder and back felt okay--so far.  I thought of my knee right away but it didn't hurt either and my ankle didn't seem to be bothering me any more then it had been.  After the couple had left and Norm put the TV in the truck he went to help me up but I told him to put my purse and stuff in the truck cab.  When he came back he had my cane.  I don't know why but I had grabbed it when we left the house that morning--I am glad I did.  We both laughted after Norm gave me his hand and he pulled me up to a standing position.  When I started to walk back to the building the ankle bone on the outside of my right foot hurt.  But nothing else hurt--so I figured I had gotten off easy.  Before I went to bed that night my foot swelled so I put a gel pack from the freezer on my ankle.  During the night when I would turn over in bed my ankle let me know it was still around.  Monday I spent a good share of it sitting in front of my comptuer working.  When I went to bed that night I thought things were on the mend, but...Tuesday morning I woke up with a "catch in my get-along."  An as the day went on the catch got worse.  I was very uncomfortable sitting but I had to "grin & bare it" as the job I was working on had to be done by the end of the week.  When I went to bed last night I told myself that if it wasn't any better in the morning I was going to call the doctor--my problem was which one should I call.  I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised--no catch!  Then I moved around more and it was there but not bad.  I took a couple Tylenol and about an hour later I forgot about it.  I didn't have to take any more all day so I think I am on the mend after all.  But I forgot to tell you something.  Tuesday when Norm came home I told him that it was all his fault and I wasn't going to help him out again.  :O)  We both had a good laugh.  More the next time on what we got at the sale. Love you, Mom.  Beth, love you bunches.  Tootles!