MJC's Journal

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Saturday - February 7, 2004

Here are some photos that were taken in December.

Gabriel is relaxing at home after a Christmas Party at Day Care.
Taken before Christmas at home in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Gabriel and Mom (Beth) enjoying some time together. Taken after Christmas and at Grandpa & Grandma's in Iowa.

"Not any more, Grandpa, I am tired."
Gabe was getting tired of having his picture taken. But...

Grandpa said, "Just one more for Grandma."
I am not sure if it was knowing this was the last picture or
that the picture was for me;
but Gabe decided he would give Grandpa
a smile for the last picture of the day.

Isn't he the greatest! He is really growing. After losing that pound and four ounces right after being born he has made it up and hasn't stopped growing yet. LOL Beth called on Friday and told me that he had his second group of shots and he was a bit cranky. I knew that meant that he was weighed and measured, too. Gabriel is 26 inches tall and weighs 15 lbs 7 ozs. at 4 months. We haven't seen him since they went home on January 2 and Beth hasn't gotten any photos taken to send us so I am really anxious to see him. But the weather isn't going to cooperate so we probably won't be going over to visit over the Valentine Day weekend.

It is cold in Iowa! And the snow is deep in Iowa and tomorrow night we are to get at least three more inches. I have to admit that it looks like winter used to look years ago before the winters changed to not be so cold and white. I thought it was really funny that Pucksatony (or whatever his name is) came out of his hole during a snow storm this year! I bet you didn't know that Marshalltown, Iowa has its own groundhog that predicts how much longer winter will be. But there is a big difference between old Puck and the Marshalltown groundhog (can't remember his name) - the Marshalltown groundhog lives with a taxidermist. Yeppers, Marshalltown's groundhog is dead. I was going to say mounted but Karyol (my friend) said you would get the wrong idea of what I meant. LOL Oh my, did I really put that in here?

Oh, I forgot that you don't know - Norm went back to work January 12. I got my sanity back. LOL I thought I would have the house to myself during the day and I could get back to what I call normal for me. Norm worked straight through his first two weeks back to work. That's right, he worked overtime on the weekend. And what was funny - he wasn't cranky one bit without have a day off during all that time. LOL Then a couple weeks ago on a Saturday he went in to have breakfast with all the other guys and later that morning he brought home a truck he was "looking" at. He was really into telling me all about it so I knew it was the one he wanted (and needed, too) so I figured we would be trading. The last thing he told me about the truck was, "By the way, it is 4 wheel drive." I had been walking down the hall when he said that - I stopped and turned around and went back into the kitchen and said, "You said what?" You see, there "were" two things that Norm had been saying for a very long time. At least the one since PJ (our dog) was put down in 1983 (I think it was) - no more critters. Then the second thing had been said for as long as I can remember - no 4 wheel drive vehicle, we don't need one. The other day he came home and said, "We should have bought a 4 wheel drive truck a long time ago." I looked at him and just laughed with him. He took that Monday off and we traded trucks - it was snowing then, too. Anyway, I drove it home and the slick roads didn't bother me like they usually do. Norm was impressed that I wasn't nervous and drove like I used to "years ago." The next morning when Norm left for work I went right back to sleep and didn't worry like I had been for brought the last 10 years. I knew that he would get to work okay. The younger "crowd" that reads my journal won't understand what I mean but the "older" group (my age and older) will know just what I am talking about. Both Norm and I use to be heavy on the accelerator but then Chris and Beth were born and then age did it's thing to us - more to me then Norm. LOL I had to laugh - when we got home that Monday I said I loved the truck. Norm said, "You can't have it - it's mine!" Tonight we went into Marshalltown to eat out and I said I would drive - Norm said, "Oh, we are taking the car."

Now you can probably understand the new look of this web site - the "old" horse. LOL Well, it is late and my feet are cold so I am going to get out of here and get into bed. Hopefully, I will finally get the software loaded for my digital camera so I can upload the photos from the card to the computer and then I will be able to use my camera again. Then I can show you Norm's new used truck. Oh, I forgot to tell you what kind it was - Chevy S-10 extended cab (4 door) - white. Since we now can get at least 4 people in the truck we have been using the truck all the time and leaving my car sit. Our neighbor told Norm that since it is white - same color as snow - that means he is invisible. Well, that neighbor honk at Norm the other day here in town so Norm turned around and met him at the Post Office and asked how come he honked at him since he couldn't see him (invisible and all). :O)

Oh, I forgot to explain the "Your Mom wears combat boots" thing on the News Flash. You know when you get your pic taken the tell you to say cheese. Well, a long time ago a photographer said your Mom wears combat boots and it made me smile/laugh; so I have been saying it since but sometimes I ask the people to say it and the photo is full of smiles!

Okay, it is time to get out of here.

Huggs & kisses, Gabriel, from Grandpa & Grandma. Love you bunches, Beth. :O)