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Tuesday - December 27, 2005

I can fly! I can fly! I can fly! Still saying my mantra every morning when I get out of bed. Sure hope this works. If you don't know what I am talking about you will have to go here to find out.

The end of October Beth came home to celebrate her Dad's birthday with him. Gabriel and Naomi came along, of course, to help Grandpa have fun. When they were here Tom took some photos of the three of them for us. I think they turned out great. At first Tom wasn't happy with how the photos looked but when I told him that he caught them being themselves and I loved all of them - he felt better.

Looking at this photo of Beth and the kids I could just hear Naomi thinking "I wonder if I can get to that before Mom sees me?" and Gabriel thinking "Please keep us safe. Your Angel, Gabriel." When I told Norm what I was thinking he made the comment "She doesn't have a clue." meaning Beth. LOL Gabriel celebrated his 2nd birthday on October 2 and Naomi was 4 months old when the photo was taken.

Beth, Ray, and the kids weren't able to come over before Christmas due to the weather and Gabriel being exposed to the chicken pox at Day Care. But Beth and the kids will be coming over on Monday to spend the week with us. Ray doesn't have any more leave time left so he won't be coming with them. Beth has some things that she needs to take care of before she leaves for Japan mid-January. Beth talked to her commander and found out that she was needed on the ship when it was away from home port so Gabriel and Naomi will not be going over to Japan with Mom in January. The kids will stay with Dad at Great Lakes until he transfers in July - his command won't let him leave any sooner. So we will be able to see our grandkids for a little longer. I just wished that they could all go at the same time as a family. It would make me feel a lot better - but the Navy isn't going to listen to a Mom and Grandma.

I am happy that Gabriel, Naomi, and Beth will be here to help me celebrate my birthday on Tuesday. Not sure what we are going to do yet. We celebrated Chris's birthday last Saturday as we usually do - here at home since nothing was open any where since it was Christmas Eve.

When Gabriel and Naomi are here I'll make sure that Norm takes a bunch of snapshots so I can add to Gabriel's Place and make something for a Naomi's Spot. I'll let you know when they are done and ready to be seen. You know thinking of Gabriel's Place made me remember that I have to work with Naomi on "This Little Piggy" like I did with Gabriel. :O)

We started ripping the carpet up from the living room and hall way and now Norm is using something new on them and it looks like we won't have to do all the other stuff you would normally have to do to hardwood flooring. These floors have been covered up for over 30 years and the condition was almost excellent. We did one bedroom several years ago but we did the sanding and sealing the old way with that room. We will eventually have to do the same to all the rooms we expose sometime in the future but for now we can get by with what Norm used this time. We have two more bedrooms do rip the carpet up and then we will be done. Once the carpet is all up and out I will start painting - all rooms will get a makeover. I am tired of white walls so I think it is time to add some color - not sure what colors but I have time to decide since I figure it will be done during the summer months.

Sometime between ripping the carpet up and painting the walls comes the time that I will use to clean out the basement of unnecessary items. LOL I think I have done this at least three times since we bought our home in 1974. Things just seem to accumulate down there - sometimes with the help of our son and daughter. But it needs to be thinned out again. Maybe I will over-thin-out in preparation of hopefully not having to do it again for years.

Oh, Beth informed me the other day during one of our phone chats that she has already re-enlisted for another 5 years now instead of waiting until next December to do it. She said that when that 5 years are done she will re-enlist for 6 years more. When those 6 years are done she will have 20 years in the Navy completed and she can retire. But I am not going to hold my breath on that one until the day happens. Her "stuff" will still be here waiting for her in the basement whenever she gets out of the Navy. LOL

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Remember - don't drive drunk. At the stroke of midnight on December 31 I ask that you say a Prayer for Peace on Earth. Please remember our military personal no matter where they are - overseas or in the states.

Well, I have rambled enough this time and need to get the house ready for Gabriel's and Naomi's visit next week. I am going to have fun spoiling them while I also get some much needed time with Beth before she leaves. Three years is a long time not to be able to hug our daughter or tickle our grandkids. But to help the time go by faster we will talk to them on via the computer and instant messenger programs. When we told our friends about Beth transferring to Japan Norm said our grandkids are going to come back speaking Japanese. LOL This is going to be a great time for all of them, Beth, Ray, Gabriel, & Naomi. They will be able to learn about another culture while living in the country.

Check back after the first of the year and see what is going on in our home with the Gabriel and Naomi around. I can just see Moka now when they get here next Monday. LOL

I can fly. I can fly. I can fly. :O\