MJC's Journal

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Friday - December 8, 2006

Talk about time flying! This year has gone by so fast. When Beth left for Japan in January I thought the time was going to drag. At least we have had the kids and Ray close by longer then we expected when Beth left. Ray decided he wasn't going to transfer to Japan but stay at Great Lakes until January 2007 when he would "muster out" of the Navy. Then he and the kids will move to Japan to join Beth. That decision gave us move time with our grandkids.

Ray, Gabriel, and Naomi drove over for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. Mokajo (Chris's dog) didn't know what to think - two kids running around in the house and outside in the yard. The surprise was they were ignoring Moka and not playing with him. When he would go up to Naomi she would just swing her arm at him to get him out of her way. When they left for home we told them we would see them in July.

This year Norm and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary on June 18. All I can remember is that we went out with friends but who and where I can't remember. :O) Ray and Beth celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with Beth out to sea on the USS Kitty Hawk and Ray at home with Gabriel and Naomi in Chicago.

The first day of July had us on the road to Chicago for a very important day - Naomi's first birthday. Here are a couple of photos Norm took with his new digital camera.

Naomi is wearing the romper dress Grandpa & Grandma gave her.

Gabriel relaxing at Naomi's birthday party.

These were busy for us from July through September. The end of August or the first part of September when we got the awesome news from Beth. The ship would be in port and she was coming home for a visit. She would arrive a few days before Gabriel's 3rd birthday. We had planned to go over for a long weekend to celebrate Gabriel's birthday with him in October but when we heard the news from Beth we decided Norm would take a week of vacation and we would have a wonderful time with Beth, Ray, Gabriel, and Naomi. Gabriel was in for a BIG surprise. He had been wanting Mommy to come home and now she was - but he would believe it when he sees her. On September 27 Daddy and the kids drove to O'Hare Airport and picked up Mommy! I wished I could have seen Gabriel's reaction when he first saw his Mommy. Naomi wasn't quite sure who the lady was that her brother was calling Mommy. Oh my! This too shall pass.

One of the first things that Beth did was give Gabriel a haircut. :O) Short! Notice his hair in the photo taken in July (above). He hadn't had it cut since Mommy last cut it before she left for Japan.

The day after we arrived we all went out to eat at the Country Buffet. Oh my, all the food on the buffet was delicious. Norm had his digital camera with him and snap this family photo in the parking lot on the way into the restaurant. Notice Gabriel's haircut.

Ray, Beth, Naomi, and Gabriel - October 2006

Beth's leave was for only two weeks so when it was time to return to Japan Ray and the kids took her to the airport this time.

I was surprised to hear that Gabriel and Naomi hadn't gone to the shore of Lake Michigan. So one afternoon after Ray got off duty we all went to the beach area on base. The kids really enjoyed getting their feet wet - even though it was cold. Naomi kept wanting to go farther out into the water but Daddy wasn't in favor of that idea at all. :O) She wasn't very happy when the socks and shoes were put back on and we started back to the cars. Gabriel enjoyed walking in the water with Mommy and they found some rocks for his collection, too.

Holding onto Daddy's finger Naomi waits for the water to come back in
so she can walk in the water some more.

Mommy and Gabriel enjoying walking in the water
and looking for rocks to add to his collection.

During the first week Beth was home Naomi was getting to know her Mommy again. But she wouldn't have anything to do with her Grandma this visit. Gabriel was so happy to have Mommy back he didn't mind sharing her with Naomi. But when he had to say bye at the airport he knew that he would see her again but he still didn't like it. He called that evening and when I answered the phone he said, "Mommy went back to work." I could hear in his voice how unhappy he was. Brought tears to my eyes. I will miss Gabriel and Naomi very much but I want them all back together as a family - happy and enjoying life together. That is one of my Christmas wishes for 2006.

Since Ray and the kids would be getting ready to leave for Japan we planned to have them here over Thanksgiving. As time went on and Ray was trying to get things done and ready to leave it seemed as though he was going two steps forward and one backwards. I talked to Norm and we asked Ray if Gabriel could come for a visit. We would have loved to have both the kids but there is no way that we could keep up with both of them. Norm took two weeks off on vacation along with his holiday time off and on November 10 we drove to Chicago. The next day we drove back home but with Gabriel in the backseat in his carseat watching movies. :O) After the first couple of days Norm and I both agreed that we would never have been able to "handle" both the kids by ourselves. :O) Every night when we asked what movie Gabriel wanted to watch he would say "Robotz, again." And I do mean every night. Daddy and Naomi drove over the night before Thanksgivin Day. When Gabriel woke up on Thanksgiving Day he did as he had been doing for a week and a half - he got out of bed and came down to Grandpa and Grandma's bedroom and woke them up. "Grandma, wake up." Then he would get up in bed with us and sit down in the middle of the bed and say, "Turn the TV on, Grandma." We watched whatever was on PBS. Now those of you that know me know that I don't "do mornings." Well, every morning that Gabriel was here I was awake any time between 6:00 to 6:45 AM. All but 3 of those mornings I got out of bed by 7:00. Made for a long day - even though I was in bed at 9:00 PM. There were a couple nights that I was in bed by 8:00 and most all of those nights I was asleep before 10:00 and didn't watch the news on TV.

Norm and I want to take this time to wish a very Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year from our home to yours. Please keep our military personell - no matter where they are - in your thoughts and prayers.

Another Christmas wish that I have is on Christmas everyone in the world will say a Prayer for Peace on Earth.

Now I am off to make our supper. Talk to you soon. Tootles!