MJC's Journal

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Wednesday - November 26, 2003
Sorry that these photos have taken so long to get put up for you to see but there is a reason and I will explain that after you "meet" Gabriel our grandson.

Mom (Beth) looks on as Gabriel naps in her arms.

Gabriel is getting ready to let Mom know how he feels about getting woke up.

Gabriel is letting his Mom know what he thinks. :O)

Mom & Grandpa are trying to get Gabriel to smile.

Grandpa holding Gabriel who has fallen back to sleep - again. :O)

This is the resident babysitter, Moca. :O)
On Duty

Off Duty

All these photos were taken when Beth and Gabriel were here the end of October. Notice all the hair that he had - yes, I meant had not has. :O) A couple weeks ago Beth called and told me that Gabriel was molting. Huh?? Then I realized what she was saying - he was "shedding" his birth hair. I had mentioned to her when they were here with us that he would probably loose the hair he was born with as his eyebrows were lighter in color. It turns out that I was right - the hair that is now growing is lighter. :O) Molting - that is one I will have to put down in a Grandma's book to remember to tell Gabriel when he is older.

When Beth and Gabriel were here they went up to so Gabriel could meet his Great-Grandma (my Mom). Mom wasn't having a good day and told Beth she didn't know her but she did meet Gabriel. Months before Beth had Gabriel when she found out that she was going to have a son she decided what his name would be and at that time I called my Mom and told her that she was going to have another great grandson and he was going to be named Gabriel after her Dad (my Grandpa). She was pleased with the news and she remembered it for several months. This is helping me cope with what happened last week.

Tuesday, November 18, my Mom passed away a little after 5 pm. My sister, Norm and I were with her when she died. The rest of the week was a blur. We celebrated Mom's life on Saturday morning with friends and relatives. Beth and Gabriel came home on Wednesday and stayed until yesterday. Having Gabriel around helped me more then anyone will know. Beth, Chris (our son), 4 more grandsons, and 1 great-grandson were Mom's pallbearers. I was holding "it" together until the graveside services finished and Beth came up to me - then I lost it. Gabriel was in the car out of the cold mist that was falling with Case (good friend) watching him, so his calming presences wasn't there with me.

I know Mom was ready to go home to Heaven and be with Dad and Don (my brother). I miss her but I didn't want her to hurt (Alzheimer's) any longer.

Oh my, I almost forgot to tell you that Gabriel had a doctor's apt. before they drove over on Wednesday last week - he weighed in at 10 lbs. 1 oz. and he has grown 2 inches since he was born!!

Huggs & kisses, Gabriel, from Grandpa & Grandma. Love you bunches, Beth. :O)