MJC's Journal

Page 126
Sunday - November 15, 2009

A long year has finally come to completion. In my last entry in June I told you that we had a family crisis. I can now tell you about it since it has come to an end (of sorts) through the Washington State Court System. Ray, who Gabriel (our grandson) calls Daddy, was formally charged in October 2008 with Assault-Domestic Violence 4th Degree for hitting Gabriel so hard he left hand and finger bruises on his face. This happened the end of July 2008. After a long year of waiting for it to go to trial, on October 20, 2009 Ray decided to take the plea bargain the Prosecutor offered him. He plead guilty to Assault 4th Degree. The Domestic Violence charge was dropped from the charge which means Ray gets to keep his guns and can go to work in law enforcement. He is on probation for 2 years plus has to pay a fine, restitution, classes he has to take, etc. According to the court Ray can never talk or approach Gabriel at any time.

Beth and Ray's divorce should be finished soon. Gabriel is living with Beth and Naomi is living with Ray. We are able to talk (& webcam) with Naomi every Wednesday and every other weekend when she is with her Mom. The parenting plan is due to change soon so she will be with Mom more often then she is now. We will go another Christmas without seeing Naomi and that will be hard for us. We will miss her.

A year ago this month Chris (our son) and Mokajo (his dog) moved out as we needed the room since Gabriel was going to be staying with us from January through July this year. Well, both have moved back home and Moka is really enjoying it. Norm and I are happy to have them back home with us.

Norm has already told me that we are all going out to eat on Thanksgiving Day so I don't have to do any cooking. I am not sure what our plans for Christmas will be - not sure if Beth and Gabriel will be joining us or if they will stay in Washington and celebrate Christmas with other sailors that are unable to go home for the holidays.

We want to wish all of our friends a safe Happy Thanksgiving.