MJC's Journal

Page 107
Saturday - November 9, 2002
My week started out fairly okay. Sunday was okay - nice and calm - I think. Then Monday - well...that is when it happened. Chris flew over my cuckoo's nest! His truck broke down on the way home from town - I think he said a bent rear axel. He has been looking for a replacement all this week. He has done a bunch of yard work which has helped a bunch and today both he and Norm were working in the yard getting things ready for winter. Moca kept trying to help them but he didn't like the leaf blower that Chris was using and he didn't like the riding lawn mower that Norm was riding around the yard collecting the leaves in the lawn sweeper. Me - I washed a load of towels. :O) I want my "alone time" back!!!

I know I have done something this week but I honestly can't remember what. It has been one of those kind of weeks. And it doesn't look like next week is going to get any better. Norm just went to bed and I noticed that his cheek has a "lump" on the side closest to his nose. He has been having trouble with a tooth and Friday when I called the dentist office to get an appointment I found out that they are closed on Fridays. So tomorrow if the "lump" is still there I will call the dentist at home and check and see if there is something we can do until Monday and hopefully that will make sure to get Norm in to get it taken care of and not have to wait any longer. Oh my, this too shall pass! Soon, I hope.

Beth is all moved into her apartment and I believe she said she is all unpacked and ready to start the training class on Tuesday. If I remember correctly she will be done with her training class and teaching by mid-December. It is so nice to have her this close to us - Chicago. This year will be our families first holiday season that we will all be together for the first time in 6 or 7 years. I am just hoping that Dave will be able to get moved to Chicago and be here with us, too. I need to get my thoughts together and figure out what we are going to have for dinner on Christmas Day, finishing Christmas shopping, and get the house decorated. Thanksgiving weekend Norm will (hopefully) be stringing the lights up outside. Not sure what we are going to do yet so that means we need to get both our heads together and figure out what I want and what Norm will do. :O)

Chris fixed the flower bed outside under the dining room windows so Moca couldn't get in it and dig up what the cats were covering up! He put a short fence around it and then the end of the week he raked the front yard area and put those leaves IN the fenced in bed area. The leaves will act as mulch for the planted bulbs and the mini rose bushes. Last year we didn't cover the bed at all and the bulbs made it and both rose bushes lived through the winter. This summer we added another mini rose bush so I am hoping that all three bushes make it this year. The flower bed is on the west side of the house and gets all the wind and weather AND the neighbor's cats. So far it appears that the fence is not only keeping Moca out but the cats are staying out of the bed, too - I just hope this continues.

I need to get this ready for tomorrow and get to bed. I have a Christmas Card to design for a client and this week I will be working on a client's newsletter and after that is done I have some web pages to work on - so this week is a full one. There is one good thing that my business is located in our home - I can also do the wash. :O) See ya soon.

I love you, Mom. Love you bunches, Beth. Kiss Zulu for Moca!!