MJC's Journal

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Wednesday - October 30, 2002
Beth came and a week later she left! :O) The movers had called the day before she left Bremerton, WA to tell her that they were in Chicago and asked when does she want her furniture delivered to her apartment. Once Beth and Dave got here and relaxed a bit; Beth called Chicago and got it setup for the movers to deliver their load on the following Monday. It was a fast week but she is close enough that we can go over or she can come home for a weekend. In fact, Norm has scheduled his vacation days that he has left for this year so he will only work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in December and the last two weeks he has off completely between vacation days and company holidays. So we could drive over and see her on those 4-day weekends. In fact, Norm also has the last week of November off with vacation days and company holiday time for Thanksgiving. We could spend Thanksgiving at Beth's apartment. I wonder what she would like us to bring. :O) Calm down, Beth, your Mother is just joking - I think.

While Beth was here Moca and Zulu made the visit interesting. For those of you that don't know who Zulu is - he is Beth's cat. Zulu would not "swipe" Moca with his cat claws - just run away from him. Which made Moca run after Zulu - in the house. Zulu found that he was safe in the office on the window ledges. That drove Moca nuts. Zulu liked the office windows - the bird feeders were just outside the West windows and there were bunches of birds at the feeders. Zulu's tail dusted the stand that the TV is on and the TV screen, too. To get off the window ledge and down on the floor he would come through the vertical blinds onto the DSL modemn, under the paper holder, and down beside the mouse on the mouse pad. Then he either jumped to the floor from there or would walk carefully over the keyboard (only once did he step on any keys) and get on the desk and see what was "hanging" around.

Now Beth also brought her two Beta fish with her - in separate cups of water. They traveled in the cup holders in the truck all the way from Bremerton. Zulu was either in his carrier or sitting on the console between the seats looking out. Anyway, back to Ray and George - yep those are the fish. George is named after a shipmate from the Vinson and Ray is named after one of Beth's friends she has had since high school. They stayed in their individual cups in the bathroom on the vanity the week she was here. She left here on Sunday so she would be in the apartment on Monday when the movers got there. Well, Monday I got this call letting me know she done in the fish! It seems that when she got there she took Zulu in right away and then unloaded her truck. Monday she remembered she forgot the fish in the truck and it was cold Sunday night. Not good for Ray and George. I wonder if her next two Bettas will be named after them. :O)

Since Beth left here we have had two snows. They say that the date that the first tracking snow falls is how many snowfalls you will have - any where from a tracking snow or heavier. The first tracking (wet) snowfall was at night and I am not sure if it started before midnight or after so we will have to just keep track and see if we have 23 or 24 snowfalls during this winter season! So far in the last 2 or 3 years that a friend of ours has been keeping track - it has been holding true - the date equals snowfalls. :O) I can see it now - this is going to be a long WHITE winter.

Tomorrow night is Halloween and I am ready with the candy for all the goblins who come to our door. I am not sure how Moca is going to take the visitors! :O) This is his first Halloween - I just hope he doesn't get to excited. I wonder if I would take two Tylenols before the "festivities" start tomorrow night if it will keep the headache down to a dull roar? Since it has been on the chilly side here (below normal temps for Iowa for October) Moca has been staying home with me during the day instead of going to "work" with Chris. He does't like it when Chris leaves in the morning and he has to stay at home, but then later in the morning he gets to playing with his toys and me. But when Chris gets home "Katy bar the door" because Moca goes nuts.

Norm's birthday was Monday and he "rolled over" to the big 60 this year. It doesn't seem like it has been that long ago that we met (1966). We went out this evening for dinner and had a nice time with a couple of our friends.

I need to finish with this and get the work done that is on my desk. Love you, Mom. Beth, love you bunches. Kiss Zulu for Moca! :O)