Saturday--October 12, 2002
We could get in the car right now and drive 3 hours and I could hug our daughter for the first time since July 2001.  That's right, Beth is only 3 hours from home.  She has been on the road since early this morning and I want her home safe so she is going to stop for the night and will be home tomorrow afternoon.  I can't sit still - I am hopping around - I am so excited.

I called Mom this afternoon to let her know where Beth was and that she would be home on Sunday.  She was excited.  She asked if she was out for good but I reminded her that she was transferring to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago to teach.  The conversation was interesting - Mom knew who I was talking about immediately and I was happy about that.  But then when I asked her what she was doing she told me that she was getting ready to move again.  To make this short - Mom was somewhere but not in the present EXCEPT when we talked about Beth.  That has been the way it has been for a while so I think Beth is maybe an anchor for her Grandma.  I love you, Mom!

The new water heater is great and no more leaking water.  We have been trying to get the water temp. set all week, but I think we have it where I want it.  Poor Norm, I drive him nuts.  :O)  Wednesday we went over to Ames to buy new tires for my car.  We goofed off the whole afternoon over there.  Norm had taken a day of vacation and we enjoyed it - just the two of us.

I am sorry I just can't keep my mind on writing this entry, my mind is on Beth being home tomorrow.  After I get calmed down and get a few minutes alone long enough to write in my journal it will be better then this entry has turned out.  But I just had to tell you that our Tigger is almost within hugging distances!!!