MJC's Journal

Sunday - January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to welcome the new year in with friends or home with your family.

This new year has more meaning for me - today is the first day of my retirement. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. On Tuesday, January 3, I turn 65 years old. Unfortunately the government considers this early retirement since those same (mostly the same people) saw fit to change the age you are to be to get full retirement benefits. Because of those "nice" people I am not eligible until I turn 66 years old - that is one more year. I made the decision to begin my retirement today. When I told Karyol (friend) what I was planning on doing she asked me what I was retiring from - then she snickered.

2011 was partially filled with medical problems which led to several tests which came out with everything checking out great. We ended the year with trading off Norm's truck for a Trailblazer. Before we even started to look around he told me that he thought we should trade his truck and get another SUV with a towing package. My Escape doesn't have a towing package. He said that the "new" car would be mine until he goes camping or biking then he will use the Trailblazer. Hey, I was coming out at the good end of that agreement - I thought. After we decided to get the Trailblazer he started to "back pedal" and saying it was his car. LOL We finally have things decided - the Trailblazer is mine until he goes camping or biking. Since he doesn't have the truck to put the bike rack to carry his bike and a couple others he will now have to "haul" his bike in his trailer. I never saw that one coming. LOL As most of you know, Norm bikes a lot. But the Trailblazer is still considered my car and is parked where my car is always parked in our driveway. So 2012 should be a very interesting year for us. When we signed the papers for the car I said Merry Christmas Norm. LOL

I am retired but not from my business. I will be able to continue working. But due to the arthritis in my spine I have to get more active then I have been so I don't get stiff and mainly to get my blood sugars more in check then they have been since last year's steroid shot I had when I had a allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was taking. We had planned to go out (Washington state) in July to see our grand kids and Beth (our sailor daughter) but due to the medical problems we weren't able to go. So hopefully this summer we will be able to go.

Beth did get some good news this year. In the past the sailor would make the decision if he/she would stay in the Navy but now the sailor "applied" to stay in and waits to find out if the Navy wants them to stay in or leave. As of the end of December 2011 Beth had completed her 15th year of service - she was looking at just 5 more years to retire at 20 years service. I was so happy when Beth called and told me that she would be staying in the Navy. So the 2011 was ending on the good side for our family.

Now we are beginning a new year - so we are off to follow the yellow brick road. The washer and dryer are calling my name so off to work I go.